Member Registration

Take the hassle out of member registration

Membership enrolment can be a dreaded time of year for klubs because of all the administration that has to be done. This shouldn't be the case enrolling new members and welcoming back existing members should be an exciting and enjoyable time of the year! Klubfunder can help make this process easier so coaches and administrators' jobs are made as easy as possible. By opening an online membership enrolment you can reduce admin hassle by up to 70%, members can register from the comfort of their home and fewer registration nights will be required. The coaches will also be to download reports to easily keep a track of team membership.

How it works

When you login as a new klub you will be able to turn on your membership option. Klubfunder will then receive an email that your klub wishes to collect membership. Klubfunder will then ask you to provide us with some details about what your membership all entails, for example, the price to charge and what information you would like captured at the point of membership on

"We also use Klubfunder for our lotto, membership, ticket sales and Last Man Standing as it makes the collection of details and payments so much easier. The online option has also allowed our members who have moved away to support the club through the lotto and membership. In short, Klubfunder is a fantastic concept for clubs, and the fact that it is free makes it even better!"

Conor Molloy - (PRO) - Watty Grahams GAC
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