Sell Tickets Online

Sell more tickets for fundraisers online

Have you sold tickets before for a dinner dance or tickets to a match? On Klubfunder you can sell tickets for your fundraiser for free! The tickets are sold online which means it is easier for members to purchase from anywhere at any time. This will help increase sales by reaching out to members living further afield.

How it works

Selling tickets is a flexible and easy process for klubs. Each klub who chooses to sell tickets whether it be a house draw or tickets for an annual klub dinner dance can sell the tickets on your klubs klubfunder page. You choose the price, how many you want to sell and for how long. You can share the link to your klubfunder page on your social media platforms so potential customers can find where to purchase easily.

"We approached Klubfunder initially to provide an online payment facility for our klub annual dinner. We were delighted with the take up from our members and managed to sell over 90% of our tickets online with funds transferred automatically to the klub PayPal account."

"The team at Klubfunder were very hands-on during the setup of the account and provided useful assistance and advice when necessary. We are hoping to further develop the online payment system with Klubfunder to allow for the collection of annual membership fees, again the staff at Klubfunder have been very helpful and genuinely interested in assisting."

Declan Cavanagh - Treasurer - St Brigids GAC, Antrim
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