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  • Reduces the adminstration by up to 90%
  • You can include both online and offline players
  • Allows members living away to take part
  • Automatic team pick reminders
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Game Rules

Last One Standing

How to play
  • Each week players simply pick one team from a set of fixtures to win
  • If their team wins, they go through to the next round
  • If their team loses or draws, they are out
  • Players can only pick each team once
  • Reminder notifications will be sent out each week
  • Players will be automatically assigned the first team alphabetically if they forget to select a team
  • The Last One Standing is the Winner
  • If more than one player remains at the end, the accumulated ‘scored for' of their selected teams will determine the winner
  • If the remaining players ‘scored for' points are equal then their will be joint winners.

Score Predictor

How to play
  • Each week players simply predict the scores of a set of fixtures
  • The competition runs over a set number of weeks
  • Players are awared points based on how close their predictions are to the actual results
  • Points are awarded for predicting the correct match result
  • Additional points are awarded depending how close to the actual scores the predictions are
  • Maximum points are awarded if both team scores are predicted correctly
  • The player with the most points at the end is the winner
  • If there are multiple players with the most points at the end then their will be joint winners.